Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Somehow, it seems incomplete if I dun create a website for traveling...
It's a short trip so there is limited photos...

On my way to interview...

(unfortunely, I didn't get the job, even though i really wanted it so badly. It was a close-to-ideal job - i like the job scope & prospect, the company culture and its future direction. That's why prior to the trip almost all my friends don't know about it, as I was kinda "Pang-Dang" and afraid that telling others would jinx it. I still din get it..... Nevertheless, it was a great experience!
One moment, I was studying in Bugis NLB overlooking the bugis street, the next day, I was in one of the building in HK island overlooking the harbour.)

My parents & I

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(Hmmm... What's the name of this building??)

Bank of China relfection 1

Bank of China again...

Bank of China Reflection 2

As you can see... I like this building alot... why din we have such interesting skycraper in Singapore?

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Wandering aimlessly

Basically, after the interview, I had nothing to do but to walk aimlessly on the street, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Not knowing where you are aheading... just goes with the flow and observe your surrounding...


Small Alley...

Taken from the Tram...

(like this picture alot... somehow it exudes the "feeling" of HK)

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The BEST Night Skyline in the WORLD!!!

The last time that I went to Hong Kong was 4 years ago...
And it seems that its skyline just gets better & better!!!

(Click the photo for the enlarged version. It's so much better)
Taken from the PEAK
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ChungKing Mansions

I got to know that ChungKing Express (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chungking_Express) was kinda "conceptualised" from ChungKing Mansions. It was not as dodgy as what I expected, I don't see any "sex slaves" around, and it's pretty interesting place with lotsa pple from Africa, India, Mainland and other parts of the world. I stayed there only for one night.
When I arrived with a baggage, there were lotsa pple soliciting for business at the entrance. There was this guy (from mainland) kept asking me to go to his guesthouse, as he claimed that he offered the best rate. I told him that I had already made my payment online. Then, he called me a BIG FOOL to do that. haha... anyway, he was right!!! (too lazy to type out the whole story...)
** Note: If you want to change Singapore dollars to HK dollars, go there!!! I verified that it has one of the best rates in HK, as there are many money changers.

CCTV in the elevator + lotsa guesthouses

Front view of Chungking Mansions.

Why is it called a mansion?
It is far from that....

It was made up by a few buildings from A to D/E..

My room was very stinky... this picture kinda explained it all...

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Lantau Island

Big Buddha

Compassion & Peacefulness...

(This is also one of my favourites. I like the angle & lighting)

Looks Surreal... Thanks to "Posted by Picasa - Picasa".

Green & Red

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Stanley Bay

Police rounded up 100++ pple for gangfighting. Initially, I thought it was filming as I saw so many cameras. The youngest was only 12 yrs old (heard from the news). What can a 12 year old do? Buy drinks when others are tired of fighting... Didn't know that gangs also have talent-spotting program like our Singapore Govt...

Temple Street....

Red red offerings.....


We also went to Shenzhen, but there is really nothing there except shopping.
So no photos...

Ruins of St Paul


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Family Photo
(Mirror Image)

Street of Macau

(I realised that I love to take reflections or mirror images.)


(This is one of Stanley Ho's Casino LISBOA. Still gives the retro feels... no wonder his market share dwindled from 100%, monopoly, to 45%)

In contrast, this is Macau Wynn.

Arabic Oasis in the midst of Gambling City.

Just a trivial, the revenue of Macau (US$6.95billion) has overtook Las Vegas Strip(US$6.5billion) in 2006. It expects that by 2008, Macau's earning will overtake the whole of Las Vegas. Amazing!!!

However, Macau is nothing compared to Vegas, in terms of its entertainment, night scene etc...

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